Your concierge assistant for a trouble-free lifestyle

Do not waste your precious time on the daily routine and solving everyday issues. We can arrange these for you and provide you with extra time to spend efficiently. CONSO EMINENS will open up a new lifestyle for you. We will assist in making your corporate culture more enjoyable. Together with you, we will extend the portfolio of staff benefits. CONSO EMINENS will provide you with an expert consultancy service.


We offer…

Business Services

  • Benefits for managers – special vouchers for in-kind appreciation of their work
  • Company kindergarten and babysitting – we both establish and organise operation of a kindergarten or a childcare group – turnkey delivery
  • Event management – company events, parties, opening events, anniversaries, etc.
  • Care of expatriate managers and their families – expert assistance with adaptation, housing, childcare, institutions/formalities and arrangement of everyday services.

Personal Services

  • Daily services of a CONSO assistant – household services, babysitting, childcare, cultural service, unforgettable family celebrations, recommendations and booking of high-quality restaurants and/or other services, care of your vehicle fleet and/or your pet.
  • Leisure time – we will recommend activities for your free time in unusual localities or venues.
  • Property management – we will take care of your flats, houses, gardens.
  • Tailor-made presents – we will choose, find, pack and deliver them.

A day for yourself

  • Find time just for yourself and allow us to carry you away by fulfilling your secret dreams. A CONSO assistant will enable you to experience such an unforgettable day.